Thursday, December 20, 2012

Prezi Back Drop

Here is a quick tutorial on how to change your Prezi Back Drop. The video is roughly 2 minutes in length.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Setting up Find My iPhone and LOCKING IT!

Back in April I blogged the pessimistic article "iDevices will be stolen: Have a plan to be prepared".  Since then, 3 more devices have been stolen from our district, with two of them being recovered using the plan described here. The one that was not recovered, either did not have the Find My iPhone function set up, or a smart thief removed it. Here are 2 short videos to support setting up Find my iPhone and keeping it working.

One: Setting up Find My iPhone on your iDevice (2:35).

Two: Locking the Find My iPhone feature (2:06):

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Friday, October 19, 2012

How To Make Your Own Switch Adapted Toys

Making your own switch activated toys can be a terrific money saver. I did not make this video, but really appreciate what a great job Arlen Klamm does in explaining the process.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mac: Controlling Websites Visited

Recently a teacher contacted me wanting to limit a student's ability to "surf the net".  Her student has Autism, and struggles to stay on the page intended, often traveling to sites with games he is familiar with.

One solution is to create a "student account" on your Macbook. Then enable Parent Controls and add the website you want visited. You can always add a site later with your Admin password. This of course assumes that you have admin power on your computer.

Take a look. Email me with questions.

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Leaving Comments on Blogger!

A couple of readers have expressed frustration at not being able to leave comments. Here is a video tutorial on how to do so. Hope to hear from more of you!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Proloqou 2 Go Backing Up Files

This tutorial demonstrates how to back up, download, and install P2G boards in order to allow you to share between devices.

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Mac: Find Your Computer's Serial Number

This tutorial demonstrates how to locate your serial number on your mac computer.

Therapy Support!

Mac: Built-in Screen Reader

This tutorial demonstrates how to setup your mac computer to read any digital text, including word documents, or internet content.

It is an amazing tool, with a great voice!

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How to Share Your Google Calendar

This tutorial shows how to share a google calendar with others. Particuarly useful for PFs to share mtgs with Related Service providers.

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Mac: Adding an Online Printer

How to add an online printer to your Mac computer, assuming you already have the IP address. You may need to ask your Tech Specialist for the address, or look to the Podcast on how to find an IP address for a printer.

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Mac: Changing Permissions

Sometimes you load new software on your Mac and it may consistently crash for no clear reason. It may be that you have an issue with the permission settings. Assuming that you have Administrative Privileges, you can proceed with the following actions to fix the problem.

No guarantees! 

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Pictello: Saving and Sharing

This lesson teaches how to back up and download Pictello Story Boards between iDevices.

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Mac: Recording Sound File

So you want to record a sound onto your Mac computer. Maybe for a Smartboard lesson, or Powerpoint.

Here's the how to:

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PC: Recording Sound File

So you want to record a sound onto your PC computer. Maybe for a Smartboard lesson, or Powerpoint.

Here's the how to:

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Signing out of iTunes On Your iDevice

Let's say you share an iDevice with another teacher, and you want to load one of your apps or a new app onto the device. The other teacher may not wish to share his/her password, and you may have your own account anyways.

Here is how you sign out of the iTunes account.

Happy Therapy!

Microsoft Word Typing Shortcuts

This tutorial addresses how to increase a writer's written efficiency by incorporating the built in Auto-Correct. Using this tool, we can set-up short cuts so for example, I might type OT, and then the Auto-Correct would type "Occupational Therapy", or TTYL would "talk to you later".  This is specifically useful for long phrases or words that the typist uses often.
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Mac: Changing Silver Macbook battery

Here is the first of many more videos: How to change the battery of a silver Macbook.
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Tech Video Support

The purpose of this portion of Shinobijimbo: Techninja is to make available short (1 to 5 minutes) videos that show how to perform a specific task. Typically these are tasks that I get called out to a school to show. 15 minutes each way in the car, for 5 minutes of instruction. There had to be a better way.

Hence the video. If there is something you'd like to see, shoot me an email, and I will see what I can do.  I hope they prove useful to you!

Happy Therapy!